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Kirigiri Watercolour (?) Practice :iconicetigerlily:IceTigerLily 1 1
Whispers - Chapter 1
It happened again. She predicted it would. Still every night she prayed it didn't.
Nina Stanovich had another nightmare.
Even though the accident which caused Mikhail's death was over ten years ago, there was something about the loss of her brother that was still haunting her. Before, she would've put it down to all the different powders and pills she dumped into her body, but after the incident and the wish she made on that fateful night, the closest thing she ever got to a high was her trademark double strength coffee in the office. Speaking of which, she really could've done with one. She sat up in her bed, making sure not to pull the covers off her still-sleeping husband Seung-jin, and looked at the LED clock glaring its light to the side of her. 3:24 AM. Perfect time to check on the baby.
It made her laugh sometimes, knowing that she would have to be a responsible mother. That sort of thing would never have crossed her mind while Mikhail was alive. He did all the fa
:iconicetigerlily:IceTigerLily 1 1
Whispers - Chapter 1, Parte 3 :iconicetigerlily:IceTigerLily 2 2 Whispers - Chapter 1, Parte 2 :iconicetigerlily:IceTigerLily 2 1 Whispers - Chapter 1, Parte 1 :iconicetigerlily:IceTigerLily 6 1 Vacant Dreamer Nina Stanovich :iconicetigerlily:IceTigerLily 7 11 Fashion! :iconicetigerlily:IceTigerLily 3 1 I am the Konami... :iconicetigerlily:IceTigerLily 2 1 Purrfection :iconicetigerlily:IceTigerLily 3 5 The Purrfect Lineart :iconicetigerlily:IceTigerLily 2 5 Hindsight is Pretty Horrible, No? :iconicetigerlily:IceTigerLily 2 3
Yin and Yang
It was a warm, sunny day. Figures were flitting between shops and roads were clumsily patterned with different varieties of vehicles. The park, while equally as busy as the world surrounding it, managed to hold a feeling of serene tranquility.
Nina sat hidden in the shadow of a large cedar tree while her flatmate/ranger-partner-in-crime LaTiah practiced her choreography in the sun. Nina was wearing her old pair of sunglasses, she always was sensitive to bright colours, and the dancer's usual attire never helped.
"Nina, I need to get this routine perfected before Saturday! Please, just pay attention to my feet for five minutes." LaTiah stood in front of the Russian red-head with her hands planted akimbo, displaying a facial expression which Nina often called 'The Toddler's Tantrum'.
"Didn't you wish that you were the best dancer in the world? Surely your footwork would be the least of your problems." Nina was fiddling with her yin-yang choker, thinking about her late brother Mikhail and
:iconicetigerlily:IceTigerLily 2 1
Feder der Wahrheit - Monochromatic Mech :iconicetigerlily:IceTigerLily 3 1 Steam Doodlies - 230313 edition :iconicetigerlily:IceTigerLily 1 1 Everyone Is Different ... Cough :iconicetigerlily:IceTigerLily 2 3 LaTiah - Blending Transformation Mode :iconicetigerlily:IceTigerLily 2 1

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I like to pretend I can draw, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I'm more likely to upload my shitty doodles on Tumblr, but I'm still going to be connected to the Starlight Rangers and all my other comrades on here.

If you're lucky, we might see some decent stuff from me soon.
Leave a comment and I'll...

1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA page
2. Tell you what color you remind me of
3. Tell you what element I think you belong too (Water, Earth, Wind, Fire)
4. Tell you which of your deviations is my favorite
5. Ask you a question, and you MUST answer it
6. Tell you something I like about you or your art
7. Give you a nickname
8. Tell you what I am doing right now
9. Tell you what food, flavor, or smell you remind me off
10. Have you do this in your journal, if you haven't yet

Haha, yeah it's only a meme I'm afraid. Only posting it because :iconmrbuckalew: wanted me to return the favour!



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Hey there!

Of course I've had this DA for a while, it's mainly how I know most of the stream people! =)
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